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FLAREON is the youngest and hippest BBQ brand in India. Our range of charcoal grills and accessories are affordable for all without leaving your pockets roasted. Young or old, men or women, there’s a thrill to grillin’ and we get it.

Smoked food, fresh air, good friends and family. Couldn't get better!

  • Lite Instant Grill

    Regular price Rs. 382.00
    Regular price Rs. 449.00 Sale price Rs. 382.00
    Lite Instant Grill
  • Tabletop Grill

    Regular price Rs. 1,699.00
    Regular price Rs. 1,999.00 Sale price Rs. 1,699.00
    Tabletop Grill
  • House Party Grill

    Regular price From Rs. 2,124.00
    Regular price Rs. 2,499.00 Sale price From Rs. 2,124.00
    House Party Grill
  • Coracle 2.0 Grill

    Regular price From Rs. 3,399.00
    Regular price Rs. 3,999.00 Sale price From Rs. 3,399.00
    Coracle 2.0 Grill
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