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Caravan Grill

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Key Features
  • Bottom wooden shelf for storage.
  • Side tray for extra storage.
  • Wind shield for protection.
  • Wooden handle to hang mitts and accessories.

This handy, portable barbecue compliments its surroundings just as much as it tends to the food you grill on it.

  • Protective Porcelain enamel coated cooking bowl for durability allowing for long grilling hours without any worries.
  • Wooden handle and trays give the powder-coated unit a rustic twist that is quite easy on the eyes.
  • Two trays serve as extremely useful stands for basting sauces, brushing oils, serving trays, or anything else you may otherwise find yourself running back and forth to!
  • Bottom wooden shelf storage.
  • Side tray for extra storage.
  • Wind shield ensures your coals don’t burn out quickly in windy outdoors!
  • Sturdy wheels (two) to get moving the whole unit around anywhere with ease!
Product weight 6.36 kgs.
Wind Shield 435 x 175 x 0.4mm
Powder Coated 217 x 175 x 52 x 0.4mm
Cooking Grid 486 x 286mm
Fuel Bowl 528 x 324 x 81 x 0.5mm
Cooking Height 720 – 830mm
Leg 36 x 36 x 0.4mm
Note: Use our FlareOn accessories for better grilling experience and heat-resistant FlareOn Mitts to protect your hands.

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