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Luxe Gift Pack

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Description for Luxe Pack - It's that time of the year again when love or should we say 'Gifts are in the air'!! What's more amazing than a well-thought-out gift that is new and interesting all the way. This year, lets skip the chocolates and sweets and gift someone or ourselves a whole new experience!! Oh yes, you heard us right. We at FlareOn know just what our customers need and have carefully put together a combo of our Grill and accessories. What are you waiting for? Gift your loved ones or yourself this Starter pack and start barbecuing right away! Enjoy the joy of grilling!!

The Starter Luxe Gift Pack is a well-thought-out collection of our Coracle 2.0 Grill and the perfect accessories that comes in one unit. 

The Luxe Pack contains - 
*Skipper Coracle 2.0 Grill
*Mid-burn Fire Starer 
*Samurai Swords 
*Pitch Fork 
*2kg Briquettes 
*4 Light'er up lighter cubes 
*FlareOn Mitt
*FlareOn Apron