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  • FlareOn's Cast Iron Dosa Tawa 10-Inch
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FlareOn Cast Iron Dosa Tawa - 11 Inch

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  1. 100% Iron
  2. Polished
  3. Pre-Seasoned With 100% Vegetable Oil
  4. Non Stick Finish
  5. Natural Colour Of Product
  6. Easy To Use Design
  7. Single Handle For Easy Use
  8. Flat Bottom
  1. Concave bottom
  2. Double Handle For Easy Use
  3. Polished Surface
  4. Non-Stick Finish
  5. 100% Iron
  6. Natural Colour Of Product
Diameter 11 Inch
Diameter 27.94 cm
Length x Breadth x Height 331 mm x 280 mm x 8 mm
Gross Weight 2.7 kg
Net Weight 2.4 Kg
  • FlareOn’s cast iron cookware use 100% pure iron vs scrap mixed cast iron products, which most other brands sell, that contain heavy metals which are harmful for the body.
  • Polished vs non polished - this ensures a non stick finish on the Cast Iron cookware aiding convenient cooking.
  • 100% natural colour vs chemically coloured products.
  • Pre seasoned with 100% vegetable oil vs non food grade oil - ensuring no compromises on health benefits.
  • Healthy cooking, adds iron and flavor to food.
  • Easy maintenance with pre seasoned cast iron cookware.
  • Faster cooking with even heat distribution.
  • No chemicals and healthy cookware that is made of 100% cast iron

Note: Use our FlareOn accessories for better grilling experience and heat-resistant FlareOn Mitts to protect your hands.