Step 1: Fill up the Burning Man Fire Starter with required amount of briquettes.
Step 2: Place a couple Light ‘er Up lighter cubes on charcoal grate and light them up.
Step 3: Wait it out for 20 min for the top part of the briquettes light up, before pouring it into the bowl.

Grill temperature varies on the food you’re grilling.
FISH: Medium Fire
CHICKEN: Medium/ High Fire
PORK/ LAMB CHOPS: Medium/ High Fire
STEAK: High Fire
VEGGIES: Medium/ High Fire. Grill Cover Off.

Temperature High Medium-High Medium Medium-Low Low
Thermometer Reading 450° F to 500° F 400° F to 450° F 350° F to 400° F 300° F to 350° F 250° F to 300° F
Hand Check 1 to 2 seconds 2 to 4 seconds 4 to 5 seconds 6 to 7 seconds 7 to 9 seconds

 Most charcoal grills have vents on both the top and the bottom. A grill with open vents burns hotter than a grill with the vents closed. If you’re looking to cool things down, consider closing the vents.

If the food you’re cooking is 3/4” or thinner, like baby asparagus or slices of zucchini, keep the lid off. If it’s a thick cut pork chops, corn on the cob, or chicken breast, close the lid. Closing the lid takes advantage of the convection heat that grills are known for.

 Use sand to extinguish the briquettes quickly. You could also sprinkle small amount of water on the briquettes. A slower method to extinguish is to close all the vents and cover the lid of the grill and let it cool down.
The leftover ash, once cooled down, acts as an excellent manure.