At Flareon, we give you the promise of Healthy, Affordable and Convenient cookware.

All our Kadai, Tawa, Fry Pans and Pots are made without any compromises on quality, with utmost care to ensure it is non toxic for cooking and consumption. 

Being mindful of the laborious process and hassles of cooking we have made maintenance and care as stress free as possible. We believe Healthy and Convenient cookware options need to be made accessible for everyone.

In that spirit we have made it Affordable and Attainable!!

  • What is Cast Iron?

    Over centuries, Cast Iron cookware has been rooted in our culture and has stood the test of time proving it to be one of the healthiest and durable materials to cook with. Apart from lasting for years, Cast Iron cookware do not warp, dent, chip, scratch or break with usage making them extremely strong and reliable. 

  • What is Tri-Ply?

    When a layer of aluminum is sandwiched between two stainless steel layers of the cookware it is known as triply technology. This facilitates even heat distribution that requires minimum oil while cooking thereby promoting one of many health benefits. It is also non reactive to all kinds of food, acidic or alkaline making it one of the safest materials for cooking. We promise you superior quality and technically sound cookware.