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Tripod Grill

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Key Features
  • Rust free aluminium damper to control the temperature.
  • Ash catcher for easy cleanup of the outdoor charcoal barbecue grill.
  • Chrome plated cooking grid.
  • Porcelain enamel cooking bowl which is heat resistant and water resistant.
  • A 2nd grate that holds charcoal briquettes for better air circulation.
  • Steel handles to carry the bowl.
  • Wheels attached to steel legs to move the portable grill around.

Our Roundhouse Tripod is a portable barbecue grill featuring a round kettle design that provides better heat retention and allows you to add a delicious smoky flavour to your food. Made of mild steel and protected with a porcelain-enamel coating, our barbecue grill provides you with the best in terms of quality, aesthetics, and sturdiness.

  • Featuring an aluminium intake damper that provides rust-resistance and easy intake of oxygen to keep your barbecue alive and burning.
  • The damper sits on a dome-shaped lid which circulates the air perfectly for smoking.
  • A Removable ash catcher made of galvanized steel sits right below the charcoal bowl and catches any ash that falls out, avoiding any sort of a mess on your floor.
  • Removable steel plated cooking grate provides a durable and sturdy cooking area of 1520 sq. cm, that is not only large enough for all your barbecue needs, but also quite easy to clean.
  • The Bowl itself is protected with a porcelain-enamel coating, making it heat resistant and waterproof, allowing you to clean the bowl post use with minimum effort.
  • A Second steel plated charcoal grate at the bottom of the bowl provides an elevated platform to place your charcoal on.
  • The charcoal grate not only helps in keeping your charcoal separate from ash, but also allows for even burning due to the additional circulation it provides.
  • All-weather wheels attached to stainless steel legs, make the Roundhouse Tripod easy to move around and able to withstand all outdoor conditions.
  • Mild steel handles on either side of the bowl for easy handling.
Product weight 6.6 kgs.
Fire Bowl 46.5cm x 17cm x 0.5mm
Lid 47cm x 12cm x 0.5mm
Cooking Grid 44cm x 4mm x 3mm
Charcoal Grid 32.5cm x 3.5mm x 2.5mm
Note: Use our FlareOn accessories for better grilling experience and heat-resistant FlareOn Mitts to protect your hands.

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